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Call for Submissions!

We are looking for contributors for our weekly features. Send your entries: thoughts@airpost.net.

About space limitations. We want to allow room for a variety of voices. Please distill your story. Imagine reading it aloud to Hemingway.

PRESS PAUSE: Take a breath

Send us a favorite quote, haiku, or short observation. Perhaps you were walking down the street and noticed an interesting sign, or overheard a funny remark, or witnessed an act of generosity - something that gave reason to pause.

CHARACTER: Build it here

We are looking for short stories about the people in your life who helped build your character - those you knew directly and those you never met - characters who influenced you through literature, brief encounters in travel, an article in the news, or a legendary hero. Let us know of the lessons learned. 

HUMANE: Do some good

Each week we will highlight a humanitarian organization or project that is making life better for those in their realm of activity. Send us links to ones that you can recommend. Tell us why they deserve our support!

FARAWAY: Get out of your world

Send us stories about cultures unlike our own. Tell us about a day in the life of a jungle dweller, an islander, a mountaineer, a desert nomad, a seafaring voyager, or remote villager.  We want to hear how they provide food, clothing and shelter for themselves, their families, and their community. We want to discover new ways of looking at the world and along the way find solutions to our common problems.

ANIMALS: They were here first

They share the planet with us humans. We're intrigued by their behavior, yet know so very little. Who knows what they think of our behavior. Send us your stories, experiences, anecdotes, scientific findings, and observations. Only good can come of this.

CHILDREN: Let them amaze you

Tell us about remarkable children - their astounding accomplishments and great ideas.

ENVIRONMENT: Making it better wherever you are

We want to hear about people who are caring for the land, the air, and the water. We want to learn from their knowledge base, so that we can do our part to preserve this beautiful planet.

CREATIVE: Strengthen your spirit

Send us your creations: paintings, drawings, cartoons, poems, songs, plays, dances. We believe that every time a piece of art is created, a little less evil exists in the world.

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