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Press Pause

 Image courtesy of craniaintelligence.com

Image courtesy of craniaintelligence.com


Every morning before I begin my day, I take a few minutes to set my intention. I close my eyes, breathe deeply, and scan the horizon of my mind. I see the day lighting up, slowly, like a soft pink sunrise. I consider what my day will encompass, and how I can develop the best outcome, then my one-word intention surfaces.

There’s a difference between intention and a goal. Daily goals have to do with tasks. Intention has to do with how you go about achieving those tasks. Intention sets the tone and powerfully affects how you will feel as you go about your day and how you will affect those around you.

One word is enough. For example, take the word ‘curious’. If you set that as your intention, your day will be filled with discoveries. Or take the word, ‘grateful’, then you will notice all sorts of little things that boost your sense of gratitude. Or take the word, ‘significant’, then what is most important will surface as your day goes along.

Today, I set my intention with the word, ‘repose’. I always look up the word in the dictionary and check its origin to find out the deeper meaning. Here’s what I found: “Temporary rest from activity, excitement, or exertion. A state of peace. In art - harmonious arrangement of colors and forms, providing a restful visual effect. LATIN: repausare, ‘to pause’.

So there you have it. Press pause before you begin your day and then the rest of it will unfold at a pace you can handle.

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