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The latte above was decorated by Kazuki Yamamoto, a Japanese artist who uses nothing but a toothpick for a paint brush. You can find an online gallery of his work here, which includes some 3D creations. Or follow pictures of his latest works on Twitter. Photo courtesy of openculture.com

Are You Busy?

Have you ever asked someone if they’re busy and gotten the reply, “Oh, boy, am I busy! I wish I had more time.”

Unlike other assets that we acquire in life, time is one that is allocated equally, yet it seems that some have less than others.  

I remember the day that my father came home from work, walked in the house, saw my sister and I sitting on the floor in front of the television, and without a word, put down his briefcase, unplugged the television, picked it up, and took it out to the trash. A few days later, he brought home a set of Encyclopedia Britannica. Shortly after that, he started a subscription to the National Geographic. I must have been no more than three years old when all this took place.

Trashing the TV was the first lesson that my father gave me in “How to Invest Wisely in Your Use of Time” - the most valuable asset any one of us has. He also taught me to relish the time we had together. On Sunday afternoons, we would go for long drives in the country, and often stop to visit Uncle Harold who still lived on the family farm. We’d take walks past the barn, after first visiting with the horses, then hit the back trails leading to the pond. We’d stand at water’s edge, gazing at our reflections, not saying much of anything, both of us honoring each other’s time.

Time with my father was the best investment he ever made. Some children inherit millions of dollars, my father left me memories of time well spent.

So, the next time, someone asks, “Are you busy?”, try this reply, “No, I’m not. What do you need?” You will be making a wise investment that will pay off many times over.

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