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 Photo credit: Purajit Gangopadhyay. Courtesy of agriculturalnetwork.org

Photo credit: Purajit Gangopadhyay. Courtesy of agriculturalnetwork.org

Kids on Food

How about a smorgasbord of one-minute films created by young people making a statement about food? The Family Farming Campaign sponsors an annual film contest called, “Edible Films”. The theme of the 2014 video competition for young people is "Food: producing, cooking and eating" to celebrate the International Year of Family Farming 2014. Organized by Cool it Vision with the aim of enabling young people to share their global experience and raise awareness of environmental issues, the winners will be announced in December. In the meantime, you can take a look at some of the entries for specific age groups: 4-11; 12-16; and 17-25. I especially liked: 1) “Greed is a Disease” where the young filmmaker portrays the evils of food waste; 2) “Healthy Salmon and Vegetable Pasta” a cooking show hosted by a young girl of around eight years old with her little sister as the official taster; 3) “Your Choice” is pretty funny as it follows a teenage boy around town as his stomach growls while he tries to decide between fast food or something healthier like a plate of veggies and pasta; 4) and “Big Picture” is very entertaining as you watch the young artist draw out his story with the message to “keep your heart happy”.

You can browse through the 28 tiny films for this year’s entries. Here is a link to last year’s winners on the them, “Hot Water!”

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